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2024 Mission

all the camps coming together
to love beyond our camp


Purpose: To bring hope to deaf children in poverty around the world by providing food and water, clothing, shelter, safety, language, acceptance, educational opportunities, encouragement, medical care and the message of Jesus Christ.

Visit their website for more info:

How we support a mission: 

All of our camps will be joining in to support this missions in various ways.  We will bring awareness to the need that this missions is meeting, as well as give opportunities for kids to donate money (via before or after camp, or through donating their canteen to go towards the mission).  Each camp will explain how this works to the campers during their respective week!  We will have opportunities to donate during check-in and will have some more information available.  Deaf Child Hope's main project is to sponsor deaf children (much like you see with Compassion International or similar programs).  Please consider for your context (family, small group, extended family) to sponsor a child. Those will also be available at the check-in, as well as online.


We can receive donations via Paypal or in person during check-in or pick-up. 

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