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Current Projects 

In 2024 we hope to do lots of different and new exciting updates to the camp. This page was simply a list of items in their order of priority we are working on! If you have more questions or ideas on how to help with the projects please feel free to reach out and let us know! 


Coming Soon!!


Coming Soon! 

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Waterslide Pool

Last year we endeavored to replace the pool, we met every challenge you can imagine but we are excited to announce the pool is up and has water in it! We have brand new safe electrical at the pool and have begun the work on Phase 1 of the deck. We hope to complete this and begin to plan for a slide in the future. Spring workdays will help us finish this project! Plan to come and help! 

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New to Us Commercial Camp Mower

With 24 acres to maintain out at CIBC we are in need of replacing the small 54" residential mower we currently have. We are working with a local supplier to help meet our needs this coming spring. Please consider helping us in this endeavor as we seek to have the right tools for the Job! as always thanks for your support! 


New Tractor 

We are in search of a New to us tractor. The 1954 Ford tractor the camp previously owned was sold last spring at the auction, it had reached the end of its usefulness at CIBC. So we are looking for something that we can use to help maintain the camp in the future. The basic needs are a loader with ability to connect pallet forks if possible. Also enough power to run a brush hog out in the pasture aswell as other implements in the future. If you or some one you know has one or knows of one available we would love to talk about it with you. If you would like to donate yours that would be amazing as well! 

Shooting Range Addition 

Down the other side of boys hill in the woods is a perfect backstop for a shooting range. We are hoping to cut out a trail down to this spot and set up a small shooting range that could be used for BB guns and 22 Rifles. The cost of this project has not been fully determined but we are hoping to begin work on cutting out the trail soon. If you would like to help with the trail or setting up the shooting range we would love for your assistance on this project! 

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